Beautiful trellis

Complete your garden decor with our trellis work.

Supply and installation of garden trellis

Trellis fencing is a great way to make more of your garden. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from gazebos to arches, we have them all. We also supply and install fences and gate accessories. Orders can be collected from our yard or we can deliver. Contact us to find out more.

Quality trellis fencing for your garden

We can supply you with a range of trellis styles. Call us today to see what we can do for you. 
You can count on our years of experience in the fencing industry, to get the product that meets your requirements.

Trellis Panels Supplied & Installed

We stock a wide range of sizes: diamond trellis panels and square trellis fences. Delivery and installation available throughout Colchester.

DT1 Diamond Lattice

Convex 30cm x 183cm

DT2 Diamond Lattice

Concave 27cm x 183cm

DT21 Diamond Lattice

Omega 30cm x 183cm

DT3 Diamond Lattice

Convex 45cm x 183cm

DT7 Diamond Lattice

Rectangle 30cm x 183cm

DT8 Diamond Lattice

Rectangle 45cm x 183cm

DT9 Diamond Lattice

Rectangle 60cm x 183cm

DT10 Diamond Lattice

Rectangle 90cm x 183cm

Narrow Square Lattice

If you need to visually screen off an unsightly area in your garden such as a compost heap or oil tank this the type of lattice panel that will do the job. They come in sizes similar to the wide square trellis panels.

Wide Square Lattice Panel

These wide spaced trellis panels are good for training climbing shrubs up against. They are made from 16mm x 38 mm battens. All trellis are made 6' wide and heights vary from 12" up to 6'. Finished shapes include concave and convex patterns and the standard straight edge.

Fan Trellis

This type of trellis blends naturally into your garden. It provides support for vines and climbers, like clematis. Sizes 6' x 52" and 4' x 39"

Arbours & Archways

Pergola archway

Pergola Archway

A pergola archway is an ideal method of attractively splitting a garden into areas and provides areas to train up wisteria, honeysuckle and other climbers. Call us and have one built like this in your garden.



Arbours come in many different shapes, sizes and construction. Tell us what you want and we can produce a sturdy and elegantly designed arbour for hours of shady pleasure.

Rose archway

Rose Archway

70cm depth by 100cm width by 260cm height.

Omega archway

Omega Archway

60cm depth by 125cm width by 225cm height.

Fence trellis

Trellis & Fence Combinations

This project shows just how well the combination of trellis and fence works in any garden large or small.

Pergola & Trellis

Whatever way you look at the heating oil tanks aren't the most beautiful of features in gardens. For a customer, we built this pergola with trellis screening. It is an ideal solution to hiding your tank and provide a new surface for your garden plants to grow over.

We also supply quality gates and accessories. Based in Colchester, we serve Ipswich, Halstead, Stowmarket, Felixstowe, Haverhill and surrounding areas.

Fencing Panel Manufacture in Colchester

Are you looking for a fencing company in Colchester? Contact Boxted Fencing Panels Ltd on for the manufacture and installation of fences.